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D.R.O.I.D was conceived and is being produced by the XtreamLab convergence alliance, a collective established in 2007 by organisations from diverse yet complentary backgrounds to further research and development of products and services through the application of new and emergent media technologies. This project was made possible with support and funding from South West Screen.

XtreamLab convergence alliance:

Bristol Wireless is a free software and sustainable computing project born out of the desire to build oneself a computer and hack wireless networks .

Psand is a provider of internet services with considerable focus on the streaming of audio and video content. Psand has many years experience of bringing communications and information technology to the environ of live events.

Qu Junktions is a bespoke music event, promotion and tour adventure specialist eminating from participation of artists from The Cube Microplex in Bristol. They are heavily involved with the production of Bristol's very own avant-garde VENN music festival.

Micro-film provide video and animation services for delivery over different new media platforms. There specialist area is in the production of film made specifically for hand held and mobile devices and the creation of web-based interfaces for easy access.

Other collaborators:

D.R.O.I.D also benefits from the welcome involvement of a number of other groups, collectives and new media companies, working in the arenas of video and audio production as well as production of live on-line events:

Pitch Volley: Live streaming support from Barcelona, audio expertise.

Radio Vague: Streaming provision, guidance and help, Trinity.

Moebius Surfing: Second Life event production.

Blackout Arts: Event production and visual equipment provision, Trinity.

Firstborn Creatives: Video equipment loan and support, Trinity.

Telenoika: Mentoring, advice for live visual performances.

MOSI-MOSI: Let us use their terrain that they were renting in Second Life.